World’s Worst Job?

What are some jobs you really wouldn’t want to do? There have to be some. Perhaps being plumber isn’t your thing or maybe being a custodian doesn’t ring your bell. Well, we all have some professions we wouldn’t want to do and last night the campers and counselors at CTT created a series of humorous skits to show what jobs they don’t desire. It was the much heralded Cheesy Skit Night, and it set the bar pretty high for the rest of the skit nights this session.

The show began with Cabin 3 and counselor Marylou showing the terrors of the teaching profession (which may be autobiographical because she is a math teacher in the real world). Josh Arnold and the gang got the night off to a great start with the longest skit of the evening.

There were many memorable moments throughout the evening and just like in every skit night of the previous session, counselor Kyle was made fun of in several acts. Cabin A decided being his childhood babysitter was one of the worst jobs anyone could have because of his propensity to smash things and eat plates. His own campers in boys’ tents decided he actually had the worst job available and poked fun at themselves.

But there was plenty of love spread around. Alex Fang was mentioned in two skits as well, both by the youngest girls in camp. In Cabin B’s skit, it was also determined that being Fang’s counselor during wake-up was a tough job and Cabin A demonstrated that it was actually tougher to be his counselor during unpacking day because of his odd wardrobe (which includes multiple onesies).

Despite the good-natured ribbing of some of our favorite people here, the boys in Cabin 78 and counselor Julia won the night by trashing both Justin Bieber and the latest installment in the Twilight franchise, Eclipse. First, they demonstrated that being Bieber’s manager would be tough because people are willing to kidnap him just so he is out of the limelight. The toughest job in the world, according to Jesse Alloy and his friends, would to be the editor of Eclipse. A movie editor has to watch the movie up to 300 times to catch all the tiny mistakes. According to Alloy, “That movie brought us all enough pain from watching it one time. Watching it over and over has to be the worst job in the world.” Needless to say, they won the competition.

Cabin A came in second, but it was all in good fun. There were lots of laughs and great skits last night and that is what we have all come to expect out of Cheesy Skit Night. Tonight is Cabin Night, and that is one of my favorite nights of the whole session. I love hanging out with my BV boys, even though they have vowed to take down my co-counselors and I in a game of water polo…

But it will be a blast. This is CTT. Everything is.