Working for the Weekend

Skits and World Domination. What else could you want in a CTT weekend?

Friday night was Cheesy Skit night where each cabin had to perform a skit using lines provided. Cabin B told the scary story of monkeys attacking you in the shower with Margaret Rappoport as the girl in the shower. Cabin F beautifully did a camp song riff off. Cabin H, with Emily Walke as the tennis counselor Tim V, used a magic tennis racket to make people sign up for tennis. Girls Tents, while not the winner of the skit night, definitely won the award for best pun as Maddie St. Aubin’s character of “Griff” got his foot caught in a door and said, “Ten points for Gryffindor.” Cabin 2 did a newscast with Teddy Geis as the weatherman and John Barnes as a reporter. Cabin 4 did a TV show called Daredevil TV with Spencer Smith doing his hilarious Nicholas Cage impression as the host and Ryan Margolis, Jonah Gutman, and Kyle Solomon as the show’s contestants. Cabin 78 told the story of three girls who are hitting the town, Ryan Kalata, Wayeng Yon, and Justin Lasker. As they get into the city, they come across a pet shop owned by Brendan Arnold and buy a bird, Ian Osterman. In the end, the winner was Boys Tents who told a two-part story of Cropsey kidnapping the counselors before Jerry (Ethan Weinstein) had to save the day.

Saturdays are special days. After a late wakeup, a sweet Saturday breakfast, and services led by Girls Tents, it was time for World Domination Day. Teams competed throughout the day for supplies so their team can take over the world. They made their own flag, played human battleship, competed in life-size checkers, had an eating contest, played water polo, guessed trivia, and did impossible tasks in the gym. The day ended with a final battle where all their supplies were put to use to dominate the world. After the battle, it was time to wind down and play games like Coke and Pepsi and balloon drop before a camp social.

The fun does not stop with this weekend. Today, Boys Leagues continue and the CTTFFL has its opening day. Tonight is also one of my favorite evening activities at camp, Cabin Night, a night where cabins sleep under the stars and really come together as a group. Stories are told and marshmallows are roasted and all have a great time. A special blog happy birthday wish to two of our great counselors, Toby and Theresa, and all of us here know they’ll have a great birthday at camp and skip around the room.