Which Way To Broadway?

Who knew we had so much talent here at CTT? Between animal noises, singing, guitar playing, and dancing, last night’s talent show was truly a treat.

Kicked off by a duet by Gherry and Camille, we knew the talent show would really entertain us all. Will Tannebaum demonstrated his yo-yo prowess, even doing a trick between his legs. Reid Madison and Jared Lampal rapped and sang Kanye West’s “Heartless.” Doing a song for Gherry and Camille, Crawford Hemmis played “Here Comes the Bride” on guitar before performing an encore of the Mario theme song. Autumn Mallon did a spot-on goose noise and Greg Sheyn did a spectacular pigeon impression. Justin Dryer sang both parts to “A Whole New World” and, with Shelby Buyalos, Oliver Schwartz, Meier Parr, did a great improv skit. Girls Tents, led by Flore Grange, sang “Frere Jacques”. Julia Cozard sang all the states in alphabetical order and Hailey Mostow sang part of “Just the Way You Are.” Livia Lampal and Jordyn Woodling danced to “Oops I Did it Again”. The winners of the evening were Aaron Rosenthal, Aidan Trinity, Oliver Walke, Scott Sakura, Simon Rosenthal, and Noah Gross who did a hilarious dance routine resulting in them winning the coveted free trip to Pack’s.

Camp really has some sharp shooters this year. Yesterday, Michael Godek, Corbin Mauck, Noah Gross, Simon Rosenthal, Scott Sakura, Kyle Foster, and Max Shugerman shot cans in riflery. In archery, Jenna Ross, Harry Kaplan, and Cole Williams shot bullseyes and Cole also won a game of knockout. In Frisbee Golf, Aaron Rosenthal got a -1 and Oliver Walke tied the CTT record with a -4. Harry Kaplan won the home run derby. Pol Casamada won the biking time trial and Dylan Schloer ziplined for the first time. Kelt Van Meurs, Juan Diego Granai, and Juan Miguel Fernandez climbed the wall and Cole Williams and Reid Madison won the golf-driving contest.

Tonight is Granny’s Candy where the campers break up into teams and go to different candy factories around camp to defeat Willy Wonka and his evil oompa-loompas and save Granny’s Candy Factories. I can’t wait!