Where Is Mark Clark?

Many of the younger campers really took the spotlight yesterday and are showing that though this is their first year, they too can make a major impact on camp. In archery, Daniel Gonzalez-Kosasky won a game of knock out and Tristan Oldham, Ben Olek, Gabrielle Heller, and Max Jagger all got bullseyes. With his cousin Flip Flop’s constant prodding, Jack Morrisroe climbed the wall for the first time. Matthew Van Aken won the chipping competition in golf. Hunter Morrisroe, Daniel Gonzalez-Kosasky, and Gentry Stromer all climbed the wall in climbing, which Julie named “Lord Equinox”. In Julie’s challenge course class, Cabin 2 successfully completed the “Australian Trolley” and went into the “Tricky House”, but has not made it out yet. Down by the lake, Aaron Walsh caught a fish using live bait caught by Nick Johnson. In baseball we had a great game with Oliver Schwartz and Sam Greenberg each hitting two home runs. Sam Greenberg and Noah Braman won games of knock out in basketball.

We also had a number of firsts yesterday. Sofia Gonzalez-Kosasky shot a gun for the first time and her brother Daniel not only rode down the golf hill on a mountain bike, but also tried his first soda… and he really liked it. Sorry Mrs. Gonzalez-Kosasky.

Campers and counselors alike raced around camp last night to try to get to the bottom of the disappearance of one of the camp’s beloved figures, Mark Clark. It was Clue night! The campers raced around from station to station where counselors who might be involved in the crime made them do tasks in exchange for information. Emily’s station taught campers important life guarding information such as how to do chest compressions and when it is not safe to go into the pool. Keith’s station was a big hit. He created a court room environment and made campers debate on the merits of their favorite tv shows and he judged who had a better debate. In the end only Collin’s team correctly guessed the weapon, the murderer, and the location. They received canteen first. Overall another great day at Camp Tall Timbers. Today everyone will be preparing their acts for the 2nd CTT Talent Show of the summer!