‘Whale’ You Marry Me?

I have spent 10 years at Camp Tall Timbers. I have seen a French boy bury his watch. I have actively participated in an evening activity celebrating a fictional creator of CTT. I organized a night celebrating citrus fruits. I have watched countless male campers dress as women to win skit nights, and I once spent part of a night watching a large British man throw tree stumps across the lower fields. Never, in ten years, have I seen a whale marry a seal, until yesterday.

After a long and fruitful courtship, Gherry the Whale and Camille the Seal wed in front of the whole camp. For those of you who are unaware, Gherry the Whale came to camp in July of 2012 to help us with our Carnival Day. Loving camp (like most), he stuck around until the end of the summer and helped his adopted father and stellar camper-counselor, Ethan “Eazy-E” Ebinger, with activities. Unfortunately, his father did not have him return to CTT at the beginning of the summer. Gherry begged his father to have him come back to his home away from home and eventually, he said yes. He arrived at camp in August and has had a smile on his face since then. At camp, he met Camille the Seal and their love of CTT and water brought them together.

In what was probably the best wedding at CTT to date (sorry Emma, Karina, and Glenn), Gherry and Camille sealed it with a kiss. After Crawford and Ewan Hemmis ushered guests to their seats, the ceremony began with Autumn Mallon, Mayson Smith, Kyle Foster, Jenna Ross, and Claire Cozard walking Camille down the aisle. The couple prepared their own vows and after a tear-jerking ceremony, they had their first dance to “Kiss From a Rose.” Following the first dance, Oliver Schwartz and Tristan Oldham told a heartwarming best man speech for Gherry about how Camille has changed him for the better and Autumn Mallon read her maid of honor speech about how she loves Camille. Then, the guests gathered for the horah and the traditional lifting of the bride and groom in a chair. The reception ended with a rocket launch to symbolize how Gherry and Camille’s love will continue to expand like the universe into which the rocket is launched.

In non-inflatable animal marriage news, yesterday was a great day for camper accomplishments. Max Shugerman won the bike time trial. Claire Cozard, Sasha Coates-Park, and Cameryn Johnson went mountain boarding for the first time. Ethan Fannon and Tristan Oldham shot cans in riflery. Cole Williams, Pablo Heredia, and Riley Smith shot bullseyes. Jordyn Woodling won a game of jail. Crawford Hemmis, Ewan Hemmis, and Jillian Boylan climbed up the wall. Jerry Golub, Garrett Fannon, and Zach Buchalter made it all the way around the cable walk in challenge course with Zach going part way around one-handed.

Today, Boys Leagues and futsal continues and we have a special day planned. Be sure to be on the lookout on the Camp Tall Timbers Facebook page and YouTube page for the new episodes of Good Morning Tall Timbers.

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  1. Anna Moser
    Anna Moser says:

    Thank you, Alex, for keeping us informed and amused! I only wish we had photos of the events you describe – especially of Oliver dressed as a voluptuous Dorothy and giving the Best Man speech!

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