We’ve Got Talent!

Wednesday, August 12th 2015

Hi guys! Monday night, we had our talent show! It was really cool to see all of the talent the campers and counselors brought to show us. Hannah M and Colleen started us off with a “Camp Tall Timbers Cooking Show”! Hannah acted as Colleen’s arms, and they made what they called a “pudding sundae”. Hannah threw the sprinkles all over Colleen’s face, and they made a huge mess. Everyone loved it. Cabins 7 and 8 led us in jazzercise; that was really interesting. Livia, Olivia, and Delaney did a version of The Cups Song that we were all really impressed by. A5 Cheerleading Class (Emily, Sydney, Delaney, Sammy, and Ellie) put on an amazing performance, full of stunts and dancing! Fiona played guitar and sang Budapest. Hailey and Sammy also sang; they sang Pumped Up Kicks. It was really cool to see a tent girl and one of the youngest campers collaborate. Four of our counselors dressed in all black and taped glow sticks to their bodies so it looked like stick figures. They turned out the lights and danced. The kids really liked that.

Yesterday, we took 23 of the senior kids go-karting! Shortly after breakfast, we set off for the track. We spent time racing, and we also got to spend a good amount of time in the batting cages! The campers were so well behaved. They acted like young adults the entire day. They represented the camp well.

After racing for a few hours, we had lunch at Cici’s Pizza. I have never seen kids eat like that. Jared ate twenty pieces of pizza, and Laz wasn’t far behind him (while Hailey was proud of herself for finishing two). We were back at camp by the end of rest hour, so the campers still got to have three activities.

The campers who stayed on camp had a normal day. For evening activity, we did Cheesy Skit Night. The three most memorable skits were 2, 7, and 8!

Cabin 2 did a version of a game show. Zack was the host; Luke K came on as a character from South Park, and Luke M was a character from Super Mario Bros. David, their counselor acted as their cameraman. A monster kept running on stage, and they got the audience involved, yelling “MONSTER”. They made a ton of props; it was awesome.

Cabin 7 set out to prove that they could indeed make a skit that didn’t involve anything inappropriate. They impersonated a few counselors. Andrew did a spot on impression of Sam, one of our JC’s. He ran around, doing parkour. They put on a good skit, and at the end they all stood at the front and read a speech about how they wanted to show that they were more than jazzercise and twerking.

Cabin 8 made a skit in which Greg was the star. These kids dressed in costumes, and every single one of them committed to their character. “Gruella” (a version of Cinderella) was a lonely girl with no one to love or appreciate her. She found her prince (Adam) in the end, and lived happily ever after.

It was tough for the judges to decide who should win between these three. The separation between 7 and 8 was just one point, but in the end it was Cabin 8 who came out on top. The boys were so happy and proud of themselves!

Today, we have our second to last day of activities going on. We’ll take the young half of campers bowling tonight, and the older will stay behind with a campfire. Tomorrow it will be the opposite.