Welcome 3rd Session

Monday, August 3rd 2015


Good morning! Yesterday, we met our campers for third session! They arrived with smiles on their faces. The ones that were a bit nervous warmed up quickly. As a staff, we helped the kiddos settle in and unpack. After everyone had arrived, we had lunch.


After lunch, we began scheduling. The campers went around with their cabin mates to a few different activities. They did tennis, archery and swimming while they were waiting to pick out their schedules! When they came into scheduling, they were able to pick out which activities they wanted to do! They each had fifteen slots to fill.


Last night, we had a campfire. Each cabin had to come up with an introduction skit. The skit had to include every person’s name. The winner was Girls’ Tents. They did impressions of each other. After skits, we sang “Country Roads” and “Wonderwall”. We then roasted marshmallows, made s’mores and headed off to bed.


Today, the girls have Girl Power Hour while the boys are at Boys’ League. The kiddos will have their first full day of activities! They’re looking forward to things they’ve already done, but a lot of them are more excited for the activities they’ve never done, like mountain biking, riflery, tubing, horses, archery, mountain boarding, and so much more!