Building New Skills

Though we have only been at camp for a week, campers are showing that it does not take long to excel in activities. Sydney Alloy, Julia Stern, and Hannah Stitely won a canoeing race. Brett Richardson won a game of knockout and a driving competition. Justin Smedley was the first person of the session to launch a rocket. Adam Fiergang won a game of Frisbee golf. Cleo Borthwick won tapeworms (it’s a game) while Ben Mendelson demonstrated his tennis skills by defeating thirty people to be declared king of the court. Hayley Sanders and Carly Dalton won games of jail. Sammie Cooper made it up the hard side of the climbing wall. Emily Walke hit the archery target while Adam Tommer won two games of knockout. Andrew Priest won a game of bang. Even the wet-your-feet week campers who have spent less than twenty-four hours at camp are succeeding with Declan Casper climbing up the wall for the first time and Michael Godek winning a cannonball contest.

Today, Girl Power Hour and Boys Leagues continue with Albert’s Rhinoceri tries to maintain their first place standing over Sam’s Fang’s Bloggers (easily the best Boys Leagues team name in the history of Camp Tall Timbers) and tonight, we turn CTT into Atlantic City for a night of card games and boardwalk activities. Let’s see who the luckiest gambler is!

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