We Survived!

Yes we did! All of CTT successfully took on the wilderness and defeated it. We took our tarp and box of supplies and food and proved that CTT campers can survive outside. Cabin 2 and 5 played basketball and cabin B had card games going all night. Counselors Zach Fang and Ethan Ebinger led cabins 3 and 4 on a hike in the woods while cabin 78 played soccer and told scary stories. As the sun went down, cabins made their way to their campsites and began making a bonfire to keep them warm throughout the night and to roast marshmallows. With a clear and starry sky and a night that was not too hot and not too cold, Survivor Night 1st Session 2011 was a big success and allowed the cabins to bond over a cookout and s’mores.

Survivor Night marks the halfway point in our 1st session. Everything is in full swing now with CTTFFL playoffs coming and the 3-on-3 basketball tournament in its second round. The campers are showing that in just a few lessons, they can master any activity. Aaron Forest won a game of knockout. Pablo Heredia caught a fish and Ethan Weinstein continues holding the title of most fish after catching another one yesterday. New camper Riar Schell caught his first and second ever fish yesterday. Noah Schweitzer won a spinning target competition in riflery. The girls of cabin B served a volleyball over the net for the first time yesterday and Taylor Kasoff served over the net for the first time in three years.

After a morning of regular activities, we shake things up for the afternoon with Home Alone day where the campers do things that they would not normally be able to with their parents home like draw on the walls and get (temporary) tattoos. It’s a good thing this is only for the afternoon!