Put Your Glad Rags On and Fix Your Hair Up Pretty

Because last night, CTT turned into Atlantic City.

Starting with $1000 on their CTT Credit Card, campers entered Atlantic City wearing bowties for boys and pearls for girls with the goals of winning the most money for their cabin and getting a chance to enter the esteemed high rollers club. They partook in blackjack, texas hold ‘em, roulette, the ball-and-cup game, arm wrestling, and craps to win money for their cabin. Not just being about the thrill of gambling, Atlantic City also had a juice bar (with a soda bar in the high rollers club), an interdenominational chapel for that classic Atlantic City wedding, fortune telling, and a guess how many jar of beads game (won by Javier Ripio for knowing exactly 370 beads in a vase full of water).

Miller Friedman utilized the night to demonstrate his knowledge of Jersey Shore music by successfully naming each Bruce Springsteen, Frankie Valli, Frank Sinatra, and Gaslight Anthem song played throughout the night. Max Penn and Jake Abel (whose dad celebrated a birthday yesterday and I am very sorry for not knowing that) spent the night winning hands of blackjack and celebrating at the juice bar. Despite being amongst the youngest in Atlantic City, Shayna Allentoff and Beck Mueller were two of the first campers with $2000 to enter the high rollers club. In 3rd place, Boys Tents had an average of $1272. Cabin 3 had an average of $1420 in 2nd place. But the winner of the evening, thanks to an overwhelming $12,000 from Sam Swindell, was Girls Tents with an average of over $1800! Special thanks to Tent Girls Sami Zerwitz, Jen Heiman, Nicola Lee-Oesterreich, and Reece Dennison for helping set up Atlantic City night and doing all the artwork.

Yesterday, Aiden Perman dove off the diving board and swam all the way to the shallow end of the pool without breathing. Speaking of Aiden Perman, he, Gavin and Travis Beggs, and Miller Friedman drove past the checkpoint in golf. Ziggy and Sydney Sachs won games of tennis. Shayna Allentoff won a game of Queen of the Court. Michelle Pollowitz made it up the climbing wall and Kevin Shefferman won a game of Frisbee Golf with +4.

Today, the CTTFFL and Boys Leagues continue with playoffs on the horizon. Tonight, we celebrate the 4th a bit early by going to see the Winchester Royals take on the Waynesboro Generals in what will be a great game of baseball. Play ball!

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    Thanks for the shout out to eric. As always, we love reading your blog. Camp sounds like a blast!!!

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