Water War Day: Color War Precursor or Pure Coincidence?

Your heart pounds as you sprint across the field, ducking and dodging enemy fire as you re-focus on your goal. You think of taking cover, but as you do you feel a smack on your back and sudden a wetness.

You turn and snarl at the kid who pegged you with a water balloon and wait for 30 seconds before you can continue your quest to nail the other team’s boogey board with the water balloon you are clutching in your hand.

This may sound intense, but this was reality for all of us here yesterday during the final battle of Water War Day. Throughout the course of the day the camp was divided into four teams and competed in various water-related ‘war games,’ including water polo, a canoe relay and a rather humorous event where campers had to use only their bottoms to free a t-shirt from a block of ice. It was a fun day all around but before we all trekked down to the lake for a chill campfire,  the Battle of the Upper Fields was the key event for the whole day.

Each team started from a different corner of the soccer fields. When it was time to go, they charged another teams’ base and tried to pelt their boogey board, which was adorned with team colors, names and logos, with water balloons and wet sponges. The objective was to screw up the other teams’ boards and protect your own. It was an intense event and all of the campers and counselors involved were soaked, but smiling.

At the end of the day it was announced that the blue team had won the war. If you’ll remember, the blue team also won Pirate Day. It has been rumored around camp that this is a precursor for Color War, but the white team contends that it can’t be because there hasn’t been a white team during either Water War Day or Pirate Day. As a proud member of the white team, I hope this isn’t true. Actually, I’m rather sure it is not. But you have to wonder, as we head into the last week of the session, can it be true? Color War is right around the corner, and questions are rampant. But, like everything else, only time will tell. And the Apache Relay. And the skit. And the speech. And the plaque. And every other event. But as is it nears, the growing tension is impossible to ignore as we prepare for the ultimate CTT tradition- Color War. Go white!!!