Water Balloons and Sand Castles

Thursday was one of the biggest days of the session for all of us here at CTT. We broke a record, went to Cacapon and came up with some very interesting sand designs and castles.

During dinner Wednesday, Dean announced that he and a group of campers would be attempting to set a new CTT record at free swim the following day. He was gathering a group of campers, counselors, admins and anyone else to try and get as many water balloons in the air as possible. Dean and Krista began gathering and tying balloons during second period and had several buckets full when free swim came around. Cabin A & B contributed some to the cause, and Jesse Alloy donated dozens of balloons. There was a flurry of activity around cabin three and four as the participants filled and tied every balloon they could get their hands on.

Then it was time. Everyone from Kevin Trow, to A-Tom, to Gerald to Breanna and most of cabin A picked up handfuls of water balloons and waited for Dean’s count. On three, we all threw the balloons high into the air and watched them fall. In all, 207 balloons were in the air at the same time. Of course, they all smashed into the ground at the same time, soaking everyone in close proximity.
When it was over, Dean and his crew set a pretty high benchmark for future campers to meet. 207 water balloons is a whole lot, and getting them all in the air at the same time is a feat that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In the afternoon, the crew headed off to our first trip of the session – to spend a big day at beautiful Cacapon. There was a lot of swimming and fun in the sun, and the whole day was capped off with some sand competitions.

In the sand castle building contest, Team Braveheart (led by Adam Fiergang) was crowned the winner for demonstrating their architectural prowess. In the cabin contest, cabins three and G came out on top, despite efforts by some (such as cabins one and five) to win by burying their counselors.

Tonight, the campers will have to trade in their swim trunks and sandy shoes for bad hair and cheesy suits because this is Game Show Night! The campers will participate in games based on several of our favorite game shows and it should be a fun night with some fun people.

It promises to be a good time, but I’ve come to realize something midway through third session. Every night is good night at CTT, whether you are at Cacapon, playing games, hanging with your cabin or skating – they are all special.

Sometimes, you just have to sit back and think what a great place this is to spend a summer.