Waist Deep In The Water

Nothing beats a day at the beach. Whilst seniors went white water rafting through Harper’s Ferry, the rest of the camp went to Cacapon State Park for a fun day on the beach. Our day at the beach was filled with fun activities. In addition to a gorgeous day to tan and play in the water, Vance Pallone and Laz Friedberg played football while Hayley Sanders led the Cabin A girls through the beach giving counselors new nicknames (I’m Mr. Meat).

After a fun time at the beach, we had a cookout with grilled hamburgers and hot dogs before beginning a Battle of the Sexes race. Boys and girls started in a circle and had to get their whole team through a hula hoop. Following the hoop challenge, each camper had to limbo under a tree, hit a ball with a badminton racket, and crab walk to a pavilion where they choreographed a dance awaiting their last member. The boys did the “creep dance” from The Lonely Island, but the girls amazed all with a beach-themed routine that ended in Katherine Barnes being held high on a pyramid.

We have a B-day today and tonight is one of my favorite activities: Cheesy Skit Night, where each cabin has to perform a funny skit. Tomorrow, we take a day off from normal activities and have Alternative Sports Day before going to watch the Winchester Royals play. Time to play ball!