Twisted Metal Machines

Out of the bus window, you see towering trails of twisted metal rising high into the misty morning sky near Richmond, Va. Occasionally a small cart flies through the air, looking like it is just barely attached to the massive steel sculpture underneath.  There are screams audible from the parking lot as yet another cart flies through the sky on a giant loop.

These structures are known by menacing names like The Dominator, The Intimidator, the Flight of Fear and the Anaconda. There is a volcano with tracks coming out of it and another beast known as the Shockwave.

This, as CTT found out yesterday, is King’s Dominion.

But I think I may have been the only person worried about these scary machines (for the record, everytime I try to get on a roller coaster I see a grim reaper waiting for me in the line). The campers of CTT certainly didn’t. They spent most of the day intimidating The Intimidator, dominating the Dominator, sending the Flight of Fear into a flight of, well, fear.

Small children like A-Tom hopped on every coaster they could and some people, like Corinne Polk-Trauman, rode their first coasters. Sydney Alloy and Sammie Cooper rode KD’s newest attraction, The Intimidator, twice in a row. Alejandra got over her deep fear of roller coasters and hit some of the biggest rides in the park.

The older campers, guys like Ethan Ebinger, Alex Fang and AJ Roshfeld hung together and had a good day enjoying their last trip to KD as campers. It was a grueling day, but we got lucky and it stayed cool and overcast for most of the day and we didn’t see any rain until the end.

It was good for all of us to break the normal routine and spend some time with some members of our camp family we don’t get to see all that often. There is still a lot of stuff to do this session; there is a Super Bowl (Red Bulls vs. Orange Crush), the World Series (Red Sox vs. Blue Wilds) and that color thing. But despite all that, the end gets closer and closer.

We will all hate for that to come, but yesterday’s trip shows that we can and will enjoy every moment until it does come. So bring it on, we’ll enjoy it.