Twins and Skates and Crashing Counselors

Some people say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world.

Well, last night when CTT hit the roller rink, it looked as if we all had found our twins and decided to go skating. All the campers and counselors found a friend to be twins with- Fang teamed up with counselor Rose,  A-Tom, Ethan and Marley all dressed alike and even two counselors, Ollie and Jason, got into the act and dressed alike.

Skating was a fun night, just like it always is. And just like every other time, there was a zooming noise when the kids went by and a crash periodically when some poor counselor would finally hit the ground. All of the kids seem a little sluggish this morning, and this is usually indicative of a pretty good night.

This really sets off a chain of out-of-camp trips that will take us to a baseball game and King’s Dominion, in really short time. It’s hard to believe the session is already half-over, but there is still a ton of stuff to do in the remaining week and a half that we have left- The Real World CTT, Global Domination Day, the talent show…and that one thing that happens at the end of every session, you know, with the two teams and the yelling and the screaming? Color Battle? Hue war? Something like that.

It’s all coming up on us very fast and I just can’t wait!