Turn On The Ocho

Yes, turn on ESPN 8 “The Ocho” as yesterday was Alternative Sports Day! Gone were the traditional games like soccer and football and in came human foosball, water quidditch, and more.

After a B-day morning and cabin picture taking, the day changed. For the afternoon, campers competed in alternate dodgeball, ultisoccermate (a cross between rugby and ultimate Frisbee but played with a soccer ball), handball, curling, human foosball, and water quidditch (with pool noodles in lieu of brooms).

Following the competitive afternoon of Alternative Sports, we had a cookout before beginning another fun CTT campfire. Keeping with the theme of being outside the box, the campfire began with teams coming with skits. The skits were not just about anything though, each group had to tell the story of a great moment in alternative sports history. While all the skits were hilarious, Justin Leibow’s skit about spaceballs won the award for best storytelling about alternative sports. After the skits, it was time for alternative sport contests. Matt Kasoff won the standing on one leg while holding things competition. Ian Osterman won the ping-pong bouncing contest, but since ping-pong is so close to tennis, it is not really a surprise. Xiaoyu “Jelly” Chen won the cup pouring contest and Ethan “EPT” Polk-Trauman won the screaming competition. EPT and Matt Kasoff also demonstrated their guitar prowess by playing a stellar jazzy version of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” The night closed (as all great campfires do) with s’mores.

Today, our older campers get prepared for the life of driving ahead of them on the go-karting trip and the rest of camp has an A-day. The Futsal tournament is already in playoffs and the CTTFFL begins playoff seeding today. Girl Power Hour is building spirit for Girls Side, and today, they play dodgeball. Tonight is Board Game Night, but I have a strange feeling that we are in for a surprise tonight. I can’t wait to see what the weekend brings!