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Runnies, go karting, and tie-dying. Even before the talent show began, we knew one of these last days here at CTT would be nothing short of awesome.

CTT mornings are a hidden gem at camp. There’s the traditional dippies that meets at the pool after the wake-up bell to wake up with a lap in the pool. As time has gone on, there have been movements to combat dippies and it was announced yesterday that runnies, waking up by running a lap around camp, would have their very own plaque at the end of the session giving dippiers like me a run for our money.

Yesterday was also a great day for individual campers even before the talent show. Cole Williams shot a bullseye and won a game of knockout. Aaron Rosenthal set a new 3rd session record with a Frisbee golf score of +1 and Jack Whitehill set a record for mountain boarding down the hill in 12.02 seconds.

After a full day of activities, it was time for the CTT Talent Show. The show opened with Cabin A who did a well-choreographed dance to Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel…” Autumn Mallon dazzled the audience with her gymnastics skills. Krista Ross-Black beautifully sang “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan, Hailey Mostow sang an Elvis Presley medley, and Justin Dryer sang Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Reid Madison juggled and Livia Lampal and Dani Primerano demonstrated their fabulous hula-hooping abilities.

Other than individual talents, there were a few noteworthy group talents. The tent girls (with Jerome Williams as a backup dancer) cross-dressed and danced to “The Call” by Backstreet Boys. Cabin B did a hysterical skit about how females are preoccupied with their weight. One of the most interesting skits of the night was Boys Tents. They had Parker Mitchell as an adventurer, Chet Stein as a director, Aaron Walsh as a cameraman with Dakota Pettit as the boom mic holder, and Meier Parr as a bear. In the skit, the adventure crew would move to different areas to catch animals, like the jungle and the savannah, but halfway through the skit, Parker Mitchell got a nosebleed. Rather than break character and not get back on stage, he mended his wound and got back up there to finish the Antarctica setting for their skit.

Today begins our big finale to the end of camp. As daily activities climax with tie-dye and ziplining, our evenings are spent out of camp. The last couple nights of camp, we go bowling and have farewell campfires but tonight, we go to the Winchester Skating Center for a night at the rink! Let’s hope I don’t fall down!

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