Time for Square Dancin’

Weekends at CTT are unforgettable. Between Dance Thru the Decades Night and Wild West Day, these past couple days were some for the record books.

Friday night was Dance Thru the Decades when each age group got a decade and had to do a skit or dance to that decade. Cabin 1 and 2 performed “That’s How You Know” with Jerry Golub and Aaron Foster as the prince and princess and Jack Rampy as an adorable trumpet player. Cabin B did a dance to “Grenade.” The winner of their age group was Cabin 5 who did a hilarious dance to “Thrift Shop” with Tristan Oldham as Macklemore. In 90s, Cabin 4 did a 90s rap medley with Adam Lampal as the protagonist who is from West Philadelphia, born and raised, Oliver Walke as counselor Toby, and Simon Rosenthal as their love interest. Cabins G and H danced to “I’m Too Sexy” with Claire Schmitt as the lead singer. Cabin 3 won for 90s with a hysterical skit to “Barbie Girl” with Pablo Heredia as Barbie and Juan Diego Granai as Ken. In 80s, Cabin 8 danced to “The Final Countdown” with Will McCain as the lead guitar player. Girls Tents did an 80s pop medley with Anja Schempf as the lead character. Boys Tents won 80s with a skit to “Somebody to Love” starring Meier Parr as Freddie Mercury. In the next round, Cabin 5, led by Tristan Oldham, danced to “Twist and Shout” and Boys Tents danced to “Play That Funky Music” with Meier Parr doing the truffle shuffle which was interesting to say the least. The winner of the whole night was Cabin 3 who had Pablo and Juan Diego reprise their roles and did a great skit to “Girlfriend.”

Saturday was a different day all together. We woke up an hour later to a sweet Saturday breakfast complete with cinnabuns, donuts, and muffins. For the first time in at least ten years, but probably ever, Boys Tents, particularly Justin Dryer, led services about learning lessons. As services ended, Old Crow Medicine Show began to play and in came cowboys on broom-horses to announce it was Wild West Day! The cowboys had to arrest Slippery Joe Melon in the lake and complete the chieftain’s challenge that involved them using their stealth to avoid being hit by the chieftain. Then, it was time for Outlaw Pete’s Revenge where, after spinning six times, campers had to go under a parachute and climb up a slip and slide. Special mentions to Tre’ Ingram who thought he could run up the slip and slide and even when he fell, he smiled and realized crawling was a better option and Justin Dryer who flailed a few times but still made it up. The competition ended with presentations of Wild West Skits won by the white team due to Jerome Williams’s stellar dance moves to “Thriller.” After a competitive day, we had a pool party and did a traditional CTT whirlpool.

Today, the Ping-Pong Tournament begins and the futsal tournament comes to a close. Tonight, we head to the Winchester Skating Center for a fun night at the rink. Fingers crossed I don’t fall down!