Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hi guys! Yesterday the kids had another day full of activities. Two boys from the youngest cabin made it all the way to the top of the climbing wall! In dance class, six girl campers learned seven sets of eight-counts of a jazz/hip-hop routine, while counselor Billy tried his best to keep up.  In arts and crafts, the campers worked on freestyle painting with tempera and watercolors. Rocketry class was a big hit; the kids experimented with Coke and Mentos. They were amazed with the mini-eruptions that were created.


The weather stayed beautiful for us, and everyone was in a great mood. At free swim, there was a softball game organized. Others chose to spend their time in the pool. Water polo has become a staple for every free swim, as have diving competitions.


For the evening activity, we all spent time with the members of our own cabins. My cabin holed up in the gym with pillows and sleeping bags to have a movie night. Our wonderful nurse made popcorn for us, and we watched Matilda. Another cabin chose to have a pool party. One boys’ cabin organized an Olympics of sorts. They had running, swimming, and throwing competitions. Perhaps the most interesting cabin activity was put together by the middle school-age girls’ cabin. They painted their nails and did each other’s make up… before their Scottish counselor, KG, taught them how to play rugby. An exact quote from Catie was, “Sweet! We still have time for rugby… As soon as my nails dry!”


Cabin activity night was another chance for them to connect and relate to one another. It’s such a blessing to be able to watch the bonds form and grow between all of these kids.