If Mother Nature thinks that a teeny tiny hurricane can stop CTT from having fun, she is dead wrong. For what we lack in electricity, we make up for in high spirits, and this past weekend’s activities proved just that.

Friday night, CTT had its first ever Spy School to train campers to be the best spies they could be. In the school, they learned the art of surveillance by looking at zoomed in pictures and figuring out what it was, the pressures of being interrogated where Dean Lawless interrogated the spies to try to obtain information, the knack of code-breaking using a key and symbols to uncover an encrypted message, and lastly, the complexities of weapons and tactics through an obstacle course in the gym. When the spies were ready to graduate, they were called into duty early as they needed to free administrator Karina from the lake shed using their skills they learned in Spy School. Thankfully, Karina was saved and the spies proved they are ready to face the real world.

Saturday was a different day. With a late wake-up, the camp had love-themed services before being told that we had all traveled back in time and it was Ancient History Day. Campers were divided into four teams: Greeks, Romans, Samurais, and Egyptians, and competed in a canoe race as well as other ancient Olympic games. They also had to make their own shield to display at the toga party. After a day of competitive play, the day ended with a Chancellor’s Dance where it was announced that the Samurais were the winners of the day and declared the strongest historical group.

The weekend also illustrated how far some campers have come in just a week. While they have never shot a gun before, Pablo Zavala, Adam Dunham, Taylor Kasoff, and Pablo Chacon hit the target, Lucas Sellem hit it twice, Will Todd hit it three times, and Miller Friedman got a bullseye. Ethan McCann climbed up the climbing wall, and made a half-court shot in basketball. Grant Newcome and Zach LaPorte also climbed the wall. Though he has no plans to become a professional wrestler, Jake Abel defeated his entire wrestling class in matches.

Today, Boys Leagues continues with the Fugly Filosoraptors and Team Rocket going up against the Rasta Hippos and the Plátanos in kickball for the seniors and for the juniors, teams 5 and 8 challenge teams 6 and 7 in dodgeball (names are in process for them). We also have our CTTFFL teams set up and the games begin shortly. Tonight, the camp heads off to the Winchester Skating Center for a night of skating and fingers crossed that nobody falls. Time to go skate!