Thunder crack, but CTT’s back!

A little rain never ruined our fun here. While Cabin Night was sadly called off, it meant Game Show Night was happily called on. With their cabins, campers duked it out in CTT Wheel of Fortune, The Newlywed Game, Name That Tune, Charades, and Jeopardy. Though we have to wait a week for our s’mores and cabin bonding, Game Show Night was a blast for all of us here.

We’re just a week into camp and it is evident that campers are learning more and excelling than ever before. Ben Mendelson got a hat-trick in field hockey. Vance Pallone won a game of Frisbee golf. Corinne Polk-Trauman and Wayeng Yon made it to the top of the new climbing wall. New archer Owen Matthews hit the target. In basketball, Jasmine Whims won a game of 21. Juliette de Metz and Justin Lasker won games of knockout with Justin having a particularly good game getting two bullseyes. In riflery, Kyle Solomon shot in the black. Adam Fiergang made it through the challenge course. Reese Rosenbloom learned how to play lacrosse. Margaret Rappoport, Michelle Speckert, Carly Dalton, and Jamie Stern won games of art bingo. The Leadership group is halfway done their corn-hole set. Lastly, Ian Osterman is one of CTT’s best tennis players, potentially ever. Normally, campers will get one or two announcements about their accomplishments but now we are at the point where Ian just wins every game in tennis, every time he has tennis.

After the rain last night, today is a cool day and we can really feel that sweet summer breeze. Today, the Futsal tournament commences and Boys Leagues continues with Sam F’s Star-Catching Marmosets (2-2) going against Albert’s Kalamazoo Cacapon River Rafting Gorillas that Love Painting in the Art Shack (1-3) and Sam P’s Sample Sizes (2-2) challenging Toby’s Indiana Pacers (3-1). Tonight, CTT goes to the Winchester Skating Center for a fun night at the rink. Lastly, all of us here are elated that this week is our Wet Your Feet Week and Cabin 1 and Cabin A are excited for these new faces. Welcome to camp!



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