Their Water Balloons will Block Out the Sun!

Second session is now well under way. The campers are getting into their daily routines and the activities they selected, the flag football league starts today and we expect to hear about the beginning of the baseball league any day now. The rifles are firing and the balls are bouncing, the bats are ringing and the swimmers are swimming.

It is camp as usual. A normal day is scheduled, but unscheduled activities also have a neat way of popping up and drawing our attention. A perfect example of this is the other day when, on a whim, several guys from the Buffalo Village decided to attack cabins A & B and their counselors with water balloons, guns and bottles. A & B responded by brandishing their own water weapons. It was a fight.

Yesterday, cabin B counselor Breanna stood at lunch and challenged the BV to a formal water battle. The BV of course answered the call. It was scheduled for second free swim and when I approached from the riflery range I saw Taylor and Casey Dennison circling the area outside the bunk, ready to attack the first BV camper or counselor who was unlucky enough to show their faces.

Isaac Lewis led the charge for the BV. He came out with the few water balloons they were able to scrounge up and a water gun, which was supplied by Eli Sachs (he had a huge bag of guns and supplied the cabin). Athena Lewis came at her brother, but the rest of the BV stormed the A&B porch.

Counselor Eva tried to nail me with a water balloon. Well, three balloons to be exact. Let’s just say I don’t want her on my baseball team. Hayley Sanders, however, pegged me in the back and I want her in my outfield.

Brendan Arnold and Brett Richardson doused Breanna and the boys of the BV managed to capture counselor Carla’s water bottle. She had to come to our porch to get it back, which resulted in her getting a decent size bottle of water poured on her.

When it was all said and done, everyone outside was wet. We had to retire to go work on our skits for ‘Movie at a Glimpse.’ Both sides claimed victory and because of the dispute a rematch is scheduled for later today. I’ll keep you posted on how that shakes out.

‘Movies’ was the evening activity. The idea was that each cabin had to perform a blockbuster movie in less than a minute. Then they were given a characteristic (for example, my cabin did an arrogant version of Elf) and they had to perform it again.

There were several perfect scores given. Cabin B’s rendition of a sick Wall-E netted the top score of four stars, as did a musical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles performed by cabin four. In the end though, the judges decided to go with cabin seven’s version of The Sandlot. They received the CTT Emmy at breakfast and celebrated accordingly.

Tonight, we are gearing up for our first cabin night. Wednesday is a special day for all of us here at CTT because we get to hang out with our cabin mates for an entire night of activities. I know everyone in camp is looking forward to it and they should, because this is how our strongest relationships are formed- by spending good quality time with our friends.

That just about sums up another big day here at CTT. Girl’s leagues started today, flag football is any minute now and our first out-of-camp trip, to see a minor league baseball game, is tomorrow night! Everything is in full swing here and there is a ton of fun stuff to do every day. The campers are starting to feel the everday excitement that is CTT, and seeing them have fun and try/ excel at new things is what this place is all about.