The Wheels On The Rink Keep On Turning

Good news everyone- I made it through skating night completely unharmed! No ice, no bruises, nothing! Most of the campers can say the same thing, not to mention the fact that we all had a blast last night when we trekked to the roller rink.

The DJ kept the vinyl spinning and the campers kept their wheels rolling all night. As usual the veteran campers proved themselves to be the best skaters. Stevie and Sam hardly hit the ground at all, the Schwartz brothers alternated between beating everyone at pool and impressing us with their roller skills and even Gerald showed some people up.

The young kids struggled a bit more, but they gave it a good try. With assistance from counselor Susan, the girls from cabin A stayed on the floor almost the entire night. I don’t think Kacey ever let go of Susan’s hand, but she was out there giving it everything she had. Some of the guys from the BV, like Mason, had a few hard falls but stayed up for most of the night.

All in all, skating night was a fun time for everyone. Most of us managed to stay upright for the majority of the night and we all had a great time grooving to the music.

With only a few more days left in the summer, we are all starting to prepare for those inevitable goodbyes. Despite this, there is still quite a lot of fun to be had in the summer. We still have the talent show, the banquet and I even hear rumblings about a bowling trip. So as is typical of the end of any session at CTT, we are all excited to get back and see our folks but dreading leaving High View. With so little time left, you can rest assured that those of us here at CTT will be living every minute to its fullest until we pack up and leave here Saturday.