The Ties That Bind

The relationships you make at CTT last a lifetime. Some of my best friends are people I met here eight years ago and are going to be some of my closest friends for the years to come. Last night was Cabin Activity Night and it gave the campers a chance to build on those bonds or, for some of our new campers, make the bonds that will last a lifetime.

Each cabin or tent group got their own area of camp to utilize for the night. Cabins 3 and 4 occupied the upper fields and basketball courts and played sports for hours before heading to the horse barn and the petting zoo for some relaxing animal time. Cabins A and B changed things up from usual and instead of going swimming in the pool, they went swimming in the lake and had a fun night. Cabin 5 had a very competitive and intense game of Ultimate Frisbee with touchdowns by Brett Richardson and Ian Osterman. Cabin G had a dance party at the pavilion while Cabin H spent time watching Mamma Mia before playing card games. Boys Tents, a group that has been together for years, occupied the gym for dodgeball and scooter games. The night allowed for the cabins to spend some time together as a group and reinforce the friendships made throughout their summers at CTT.

Yesterday also featured the start of Boys’ Leagues. Camper-turned-counselor Ethan Ebinger’s Barbie Princesses defeated Sam Friedman’s Better Team and Albert Oriol’s team defeated Sean Vinten’s Domination. The teams have another two hours of play today. Also, Melorie Jenkins won the first game of Zombie Knockout of Second Session (it’s like knockout in archery but now we have zombie silhouettes to hit) while Jonah Gutman and Grayson St. Aubin got bullseyes.

Today, Camp Tall Timbers heads to Cacapon State Park for a fun day at the beach with sandcastle building contests and a cookout. Let’s go to the beach!