The Ties That Bind

While everyone loves tubing or playing sports, what really makes CTT so great is the people and the friendships that last a lifetime. Last night was Cabin Activity Night where a cabin or tent group gets a part of camp to play and bond. Even longtime campers utilized the night to continue building the friendships that are sure to last forever.

Cabin 2 competed in a cabin-wide climbing challenge while Cabin 5 played world cup where Max Friedman was the winner. Down at the lake, Cabin H went tubing, and in that time, Sydney Alloy skipped a rock a very impressive six times. Cabin 78 worked as a team and was able to collect over 400 golf balls from the woods. Cabin 3 had a wrestling tournament and then a badminton tournament where Zach Laporte and Javier Ripio vanquished the rest of the cabin winning the series 5-2. Cabin B watched The Parent Trap and had facials done and Girls Tent had a spa night which I have been informed is when girls paint their nails and use various products on their face. Even after ten years, there are still some things at CTT I don’t understand.

Yesterday was also our first C-day a great time for campers to continue excelling at all CTT has to offer. Jacob Sanders won a game of knockout in archery while Nathan Allentoff and Ryan Bernstein won knockout in basketball. Aiden Perman and Ignacio “Nacho” Rodriguez caught fish. The dynamic Spanish sibling team of Jaime and Lucia Sans Carpintero made it up the climbing wall. In horses, Gabe Perman won red light/green light. In mountain boarding, Gentry Stromer made it all the way down the hill. Jen Heiman won a game in challenge course. At the pool, there was a diving and splashing competition where Aidan Brodnitz had the smallest splash, Devon Cantor had the biggest splash, and Laz Friedberg had the coolest dive.

Today is a very special day for yours truly. After ten daunting years, longtime camper and counselor Sam Friedman and I are grilling burgers and hot dogs for the campers at Cacapon State Park. While we have stood at the grill at different times, today is finally the day when our summers at CTT culminate and we get to lead the cookout that we have loved since we first got to camp a decade ago. Though I try not to talk too much about me in the blog, I am very, very, very excited for you all to hear from your campers about how the burgers were perfectly grilled and the hot dogs were scrumptious. After Boys Leagues and Girl Power Hour, we head off for a day at the beach and a cookout that will be one for the ages. Off to the beach!