The Ties That Bind

The bonds made at CTT last a lifetime. Whether it is because you all go back to camp together for years and years or you stay in touch once you leave, there is nothing that beats a friendship made at CTT. Last night, those bonds were solidified with Cabin Activity Night where each cabin spent a couple of hours doing an activity as a group together.

Cabin G went ziplining last night and everyone in the cabin was able to zip twice. Cabin B used their time to have a spa night as apparently, they are very rare at camp (I personally do not know, but they informed me it is very difficult to have time to do each other’s nails and facials during activities). Cabin 4 went to the gym to have an intense sports competition from football to soccer to basketball and closed with dodgeball. Down at the lake, Cabin 56 had a “Somalian Pirate War” where they raced canoes and paddleboats. Girls Tents set a camp record for most volleys in a row in volleyball and also spent time making bracelets for all the male counselors which we all greatly appreciated. Boys Tents had a driving competition at the golf course and afterwards, they went mountain boarding where Aaron Morris and Michael Balaban mountain boarded for the first time. Their night ended with a classic camp pastime: Smartest Tent Boy. Smartest Tent Boy is a very intense trivia competition amongst the oldest boys in camp where they see who is the smartest by mixing Trivial Pursuit and other miscellaneous trivia questions people have. Last night, Alex Goldstein was the winner and currently holds the title of Smartest Tent Boy.

Yesterday was also a big day for some of our campers. Interestingly enough, ‘Knockout’, a game where the level of difficulty increases with each round, was the most featured game yesterday. Riar Schell won games of knockout in basketball and archery. Jeremy Goldstein, Justin Kagen, and Aaron Forest won games of basketball knockout. In non-knockout related accomplishments, Michael Balaban and Miller Friedman won a game of Frisbee golf and Sydney Alloy and Jack Corby made it furthest on the ropes course.

Today, Boys Leagues has two hours of competitive play at the basketball courts and the camp heads off to Cacapon State Park! We have a fun day of sun, the beach, and an old-fashioned cookout ahead of us.