The Rising

What a fast-paced weekend at CTT!

The fun began on Friday with Cheesy Skit Night. Each cabin got a phrase and prop that had to be used in the skit and each cabin was very creative with how they used it. Cabin 4 utilized a Chuckie mask and scared people prompting their phrase, “You Reptile!”. Cabin H was given a broom and the phrase, “The hills are alive with the sound of music” and did a skit where Casey and Reece Dennison used the broom as the camp goat, Goatee, and went to adjacent camp Sandy Cove where their campers were singing the phrase, “The hills are alive with the sound of music”. Boys Tents told a tragic love story where Grant Leibow fell in love with their prop, a hairbrush, and said to it their phrase, “hold my hand.” The drama increased when the hairbrush’s father, Riley St. Aubin, arrived to take it back from Grant leaving him heartbroken (and the audience a bit confused why a hairbrush had a fourteen year old human father).

While not the winner, Cabin A had my favorite skit. Over the course of the summer, I have had the issue of some campers calling me Little Fang and my brother Big Fang despite my many announcements suggesting otherwise such as Alex and Zach, Fang and Zach, or Fang and Big Fang. Though I make many announcements, some campers still do not abide by my recommendations. This controversy was addressed by Cabin A in their skit. Gracie Esherick, the shining star of Cabin A, led the cabin in a skit defending my honor as they said “I am not little Fang, I am Fang or Alex!” Even though my vote would have been casted for Cabin A, Cabin 5 was the champion with a hilarious skit about various cheeses.

The fun continued into Saturday. After a late wakeup and cinnabons for breakfast, the camp went to services led by Girls Tents. The theme of the service was friendship and many campers embraced that theme through poems or songs. Once the services ended, Camp Tall Timbers quickly turned into a scene from Camelot and we began Medieval Day. The teams had to embark on a scavenger hunt throughout the camp and then went to a jousting ring with inflatable bats to joust with and then had a canoeing race. After the busy day of screaming “huzzah” and “myargh”, the campers relaxed with a camp dance.

Today, we went back to normal activities, said goodbye to our Wet Your Feet Week Campers and Tryout Weekend children who will be missed dearly, and prepared for the week ahead. We also had our CTT Talent Show to exhibit the talents of the rising stars of CTT. The night began with a dance by Riley and Mayson Smith and then was followed by Spencer and Justin Leibow and their cousin, Noah Hayes, where the Leibows sang “Don’t Stop Believin’” and Noah accompanied them on guitar. The musical talent continued where guitar veterans Ethan Polk-Trauman and Matthew Kasoff performed a duet of Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” Sydney Sachs, Sydney Alloy, Hayley Sanders, Taylor Dennison, Reece Dennison, and Caoimhe Ni Dhroighneain performed a dance to a medley of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, and Cee-Lo Green’s  “Forget You”. Sydney Sachs stayed on the stage where she sang “My Happy Ending” as a duet with counselor Maya Grodman. Vance Pallone then took the stage where he performed an original (but untitled) composition about how whenever you want to, you can throw your hands in the air. Jake Abel exhibited his athletic prowess with some very fancy basketball drills. Matt Kasoff brought us back to musical talents where him and counselor Tim McCarthy improvised the blues with guitar and harmonica respectively. While all the talents were fantastic, the winners of the night were Maddie St. Aubin and Gracie Esherick, who beautifully sang “Tim McGraw” by Taylor Swift.

The last week of camp is a bittersweet one. Some of the best aspects of the CTT experience come in the last week like the playoffs of the many leagues and then the Musical – ‘Everything is Groovy’ and on to Color War. After living together for two weeks, campers are closer now more than ever before and relationships are hitting their peak, but now everyone is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow Camp Tall Timbers heads to King’s Dominion for a fun-filled day at an amusement park. These last few days are cherished by all and I know that they will be extraordinary. Let’s come on up for the rising of the last week of 2nd Session.

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