The Price You Pay

If Camp Tall Timbers can teach one thing, it is to see the silver lining. As lame as a thunderstorm that delays and cancels activities is, it does make way for cooler weather and one of the most interesting evening activities I have seen in almost a decade.

With Cabin Activity Night cancelled due to rain, CTT went to the gym for an unknown activity. Upon our arrival, every cabin was given a paddle with their cabin number or letter on it and we saw a table with random items on it. Then, Mark Clark came on with the megaphone as an auctioneer and revealed that each cabin was to receive $100 to bid on the items, but we did not know what they would be used for. Most of the items went for about $40 until the case of balloons where cabins were borrowing money from others to try to get the balloons which eventually went for $164 to Girls Tents. After the auction, each cabin was to use their items to build the tallest tower that they could. By the end of the allotted build time, Cabin F came in third place using Styrofoam cups and scotch tape to build a 4’8” high tower. Cabin A came in second place utilizing paper clips, paper, and a cardboard box to create a 5’8” high tower and the winner of the night, winning fifteen minutes of extended curfew and free sodas, was Cabin 4 who combined a roll of string and a box for a whopping 6’4” tower!

Despite the rain, campers were still able to excel in their activities.  Robert Bell won a game of knockout in archery while Justin Leibow, Spencer Leibow, Jonah Gutman, and Ben Mendelson won games of knockout in basketball. Jasmine Whims made a half-court shot in basketball. Melorie Jenkins shot a bullseye in archery. On the newly built Frisbee golf course, Matt Kasoff, Carl Lasker, and Josh Arnold were our first winners.

Yesterday was also the commencement of Boys Leagues where all of Boys’ Side is divided into teams and competes in a different sport each time they meet. In their first game, Albert’s Rhinoceri defeated Sam’s Fang’s Bloggers (I’m rooting for them in all activities from now on) and Toby’s Goldman-Sachs Backstabbers vanquished Corey’s Executive Line-Item V-Necks. Today, they compete again for two hours.

Also, today CTT heads to Cacapon State Park for a fun day at the beach while senior campers go rafting. Off to the beach!