The Only Prescription…

There is a fever spreading through CTT this year.

The nurse can’t help and the doctor is helpless to cure it. Bed rest won’t make it go away and there is no medicine. The only prescription is preparedness.

Thanks to a certain group of counselors who call themselves the ‘Nerd Counselors’, zombie fever has spread through the camper body here at CTT. Riflery classes (except the ones that Bill teaches- he isn’t a nerd counselor) have been renamed Zombie Defense Preparedness. Wilderness Survival is now all about escaping the hordes that will inhabit towns if (or when, according to the nerds) a ‘zombie apocalypse’ happens.

It is an interesting spin on several camp activities and the kids love it so far. After learning how to safely handle a rifle, campers now have zombie silhouettes to shoot instead of just shooting cans and metal spinning targets. Even the crew at the lake has gotten involved by making sure children can spot ‘rage geese,’ which apparently carry the zombie virus. Even the evening activities have been affected- last session, murder mystery night involved teams finding the cure for Ethan and a slew of older campers who had been transformed into zombies.

Zombie fever certainly has livened up the day-to-day routine here. It has been a fun few weeks since counselor Tiz began blaming any technological failure on a zombie attack and it seems like every day something happens that provides a new development.

Tonight is Cabin Night, and I’m pretty sure there will be some talk of zombies somewhere amongst the camper body. But just like any other time at CTT, it is going to be a good night (and that’s more than a feeling [not sure I’m quoting Boston or the Black Eyed Peas]). We get to spend time doing fun things with the people we’re closest to, whether it be watching a movie like Cabin B, hiking to the river like Cabin 8 or playing on the lower fields like Cabin 7, Cabin Night is always a good one and I’m looking forward to it.

Even if we have to fight back a horde of zombies.