The League of Extraordinary Campers

Leagues, leagues, leagues. It seems like every free swim there is a league game to see. At CTT, there is a softball league, a flag football league, a water polo league and there have been talks of forming a soccer league. Basically, regardless of want you want to do with your game ball- hit it, pass it, catch it, kick it or get it wet- we have what you want.

Yesterday, the CTT Softball League played its season opener, which pitted Bill’s Wildcats against my Red Sox. The Wildcats took a 6-2 win, but I contend we only got to have one at bat before the bell rang. Regardless, it was good to see Bobby Jaffe robbing counselors of hits and Casey Dennison finally smacking a single into fair territory after a few foul balls. It would have been better to win, but it was still awesome to see the kids doing such a great job.

The flag football league kicked off a few days ago and the kids are very excited for the second game of the season, which will be during today’s first free swim. In week one, Jakeabel led the Red Bulls to a 20-12 win over the Orange Crush with two passing touchdowns and an interception return TD and the Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami relied heavily on David Morrel to trounce the Purple Nurples 28-0 despite the best efforts of Brandon Kagen.

The water polo league is new this year. It features five teams made up of campers and counselors and it is a ton of fun. In the inaugural game, Zach LaPorte led the Bulldogs to a 12-8 win over the Flying Fish. The second games of the series will be played during second free swim today and I will report on those games as soon as I can. The league is a great way to organize one of the campers’ favorite pool activities and so far everyone is having a great time.

Well, it is almost time for round two of the Red Bulls quest for second straight Super Bowl berth. Hopefully we can pull it out, but Nicky Feldman and the Crush have been working hard… you just never know how all of these league games will play out at CTT.