The Final Count Down

The last week of camp is a bittersweet one. Some of the best aspects of the CTT experience come in the last week like the playoffs of the many leagues, the camp musical, the art show, and last but certainly not least, Color War. After living together for two weeks, campers are closer now more than ever before and relationships are hitting their peak, but now everyone is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Just because we are reaching the end however, does not mean that the fun stops! Sunday night was Murder Mystery Night where counselors and administrators were mysteriously murdered and campers were divided into detective teams to figure out who the killer was. After a thorough investigation, they discovered that Glenn, Mark, and Keith were the murderers. Yesterday, Camp Tall Timbers boarded coach buses and went to King’s Dominion. Younger campers rode roller coasters for the first time while the older campers tried to see which ride they could ride the most. Michael Balaban competed in basketball challenges to win a giant stuffed dog named Carlos and Ryan Kalata knocked over bottles to win a giant Jamaican banana. The boys of cabin 4 took on 3-point challenges to win University of Maryland basketballs. The trip ended with a quick eat at McDonalds before we returned tired from a fun day of rides.

Today, Boy’s League playoffs begin with Sean’s Team Outrageous 1st in the standings. The CTTFFL Super Bowl is tomorrow morning with the Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami competing against the Purple Nurples. The 3 v. 3 Basketball tournament ended with counselor Nick Zmuda, Jacob Langer and Ethan McCann as the winners and with that ending, the Ping-Pong tournament starts today. We have our last all-camp campfire tonight and the Musical – ‘Everything is Groovy’ tomorrow and on to Color War. These last few days are cherished by all and I know that they will be extraordinary.

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