The Bernie Wins MTV Night

Another skit night at CTT, another night of fun. Every cabin and tent spent hours perfecting a dance to display to the whole camp and nobody was disappointed. First up were Cabins A and B where Hayley Sanders led the girls in a dance to “Somebody to Love” by Justin Beiber. One of the most interesting skits of the night was Cabin 3. Rather than using an iPod to dance to, Ethan Polk-Trauman performed a Beatles medley on his guitar that the rest of the cabin danced and sang to. Girls Tents did a very well-choreographed dance to a series of songs by Beyoncé wowing the whole audience with what they could do. But, though all the dances were great, the winner of the night was Cabin 4. Jordan Abel took the stage first in an extravagant suit, lip-syncing “The Time (Dirty Bit)” by the Black Eyed Peas with the rest of his cabin behind him looking down. When the female vocal part came up, however, Jake Abel appeared in an orange wig and short pink dress to dance in front as well. The true talent of the cabin came in the chorus of the song when the whole cabin began dancing “The Bernie” and after achieving a near-perfect score, Cabin 4 had won MTV Night.

Yesterday also featured the campers beginning to excel in their activities. Ian Osterman and Jesse Alloy caught some of the first fish of the session and Spencer Leibow won the first ever CTT game of tennis ball machine jail. The big accomplishments of the day were from Brady Osterman who won a game of knockout, shot two bullseyes, and caught a fish. While some campers were building on the skills they learned in past years at Camp Tall Timbers, others are learning new things at camp for the first time such as Spencer Fields, who learned his first four chords on the guitar.

Though we are only a few days into Second Session, some of Camp Tall Timbers’ wonderful traditions have begun. The battle between Dippies and Sleepies is in full swing. For those who do not know, Dippies is when the proud and brave campers and counselors run to the pool right after the wake-up bell rings, scream “Good Morning Ladies” followed by “Dippies”, and swim a lap in the pool. Sleepies, however, is Dippies arch-nemesis. Sleepies is when the wake-up bell rings and campers scream “Sleepies” and sleep for another seven minutes while others are at the pool. Another camp tradition, Boys’ Leagues, led by camper-turned-counselor Sam Friedman, begins today. In Boys’ Leagues, the male campers are split into four teams and compete in a variety of sports for at least an hour each day led by the same coach and CIT2 assistant coach for the whole session.

As Camp Tall Timbers gets into full swing, be sure to watch the brand new “Good Morning Tall Timbers” posts on the Camp Tall Timbers YouTube and Facebook pages.