Take ‘Em As They Come

Tubing, Water Polo, Climbing, Archery, Frisbee, Tie-Dye, and more.

It’s no wonder with choices like those that Choose Your Own Adventure Day was so much fun yesterday. In addition to the activities above, campers also could have played soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, and dodgeball. After three periods of choice, we had a whole-camp campfire with the story of the camp demon, Cropsey, and the story of the new camp shark, Gibson. Each cabin then had to produce their own sound and we had a camp-wide beatbox and then ended the campfire with a rock-paper-scissors train and some s’mores.

Today, we prepare for a fun-filled weekend ahead of us. Tonight the cabins put on their creative hats and prepare for Cheesy Skit Night where the cabins make the funniest possible skit to present to the camp. The fun will continue into Saturday with Medieval Day where CTT goes into a time machine back to the Middle Ages. Let’s see who is the most gallant knight of them all!