Take a Shower, Shine Your Shoes

When you are in college, it is an interesting conversation with your friends as to why you will not be hanging out with them this summer as you will be at camp. When they ask is it worth it, I can point to this weekend to say yes, yes it is. Whether it be watching campers turn into detectives or witnessing the Leibows spaghetti wrestling, Murder Mystery Night and Gross Day just reminds me how great CTT truly is.

Friday night, we were set for a nice Board Game Night. We’d play some Monopoly and have a good night. But as we were playing board games for a few minutes, counselors Eric and TV suddenly died! It was time for the CTT Detectives to spring into action and compete in various challenges to get clues as to whom the murderer(s) was. They had to hit tennis balls into a small target, pass a hula-hoop through the whole team, shoot basketballs, arm wrestle, string beads, choreograph a group dance, and play a guess who you are game. Luckily, the talented detectives figured out the murderer and because of that, Eric and TV are still alive today for activities. Phew!

Saturday was a different day all together. After overcoming-obstacles themed services, it was time for Gross Day. In the morning, there was muddyball (dodgeball with mudballs) and spaghetti wrestling where the Leibows and Coopers were able to settle their sibling rivalries. After lunch and some well deserved showers, there was poop (chocolate pudding) art and frozen willy before we headed down to the lake. At the lake, we played seaweed searchin’ and greased up watermelon. In seaweed searchin’, you had to dig through pounds of seaweed to find golden bells and golf balls. One of the highlights of the day was greased up watermelon. In teams of six, campers entered the lake to grab a very greasy watermelon and try to put it in a boat. Jordan Abel and Aaron Mendelsohn mastered the strategy of carrying the eighteen-pound watermelon between their legs to confuse the other players as to where the watermelon was. The day ended with a Rancid Relay where you had to do a wheelbarrow race with your hands in pudding, play tic-tac-toe in paint on someone’s back, and more.

Today, we return to normalcy, at least by CTT standards, and have our last C-day. Tonight is MTV Night where each cabin picks a song to choreograph a dance. Lastly, a special happy birthday to Mrs. Dana Cohn. Thanks for being such a loyal blog reader and Alexis is doing great here at CTT. Happy birthday!

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  1. Dana
    Dana says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I do enjoy reading your blog but how did you know? Do you have that government spy software I’ve heard about? Keep up the good work!,

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