If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may remember that yesterday I wrote about the juniors’ campfire, complete with ridiculous skits and creative nature portraits. Last night the juniors and seniors switched: seniors stayed on camp and played Capture the Flag, and juniors took a bus into Winchester to go bowling.

It was a roaring success. There was the predictable chaos of trying to get thirty kids into bowling shoes and in the right lane, and the confusion of having thirty kids mobbing the snack bar waving five dollar bills, and the whoops of glee when everybody discovered the jukebox. For one night, that bowling alley was our playground and our paradise.

I was bowling with the Wet Your Feet Weekers, and they were not at all the timid little ones I had been expecting. They were fierce in the lanes, whipping their ball down the alley, jokingly making fun of one another’s misses and supporting one another’s victories. (I may have come in third after two nine-year-olds. It’s not a big deal.) We played a few turns each, hiked on over to the snack bar for popcorn and slushies and headed back, and discovered to our (okay, my) glee that in the lane next to us were none other than my favorite kitchen staff. The rivalry got real. It was four nine-year-olds versus five full-grown Central European chefs. Just kidding. We all got along great, and the nine-year-olds totally won.

Other highlights of the night included all of the Cabin 3 boys dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe, my own personal dance party when John Barnes selected the Black Eyed Peas’ “The Time of My Life (Dirty Bit)” on the jukebox, and the conversation I had with Teddy Geis on the bus ride home about European military history.

We pulled into camp pretty late, at about ten. We stumbled off the bus, happy and exhausted and ready for bed. “Crazy-walk to the cabin!” I yelled, and my four Wet Your Feet Weekers ambled/cavorted/ran in hilarious manners back to Cabin A. They were snoring away in no time.

Other Tall Timbers Happenings 

–       The Red Bulls beat the Orange Crush at flag football

–       Counselor Arhan came in last at bowling

–       Wet Your Feet Weeker Jessie Rothenberg won bowling

–       Meghan Dougherty and Alex Knox got to the top of the climbing wall for the first time