Last night, campers at CTT got the chance to live rough and show how handy they can be in the outdoors. After a night of sleeping under the stars and making our own fires and food, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Discovery Channel cameramen show up for our next adventure.

When the bell rang after second free swim, each cabin came to the pavilion and picked up tarps to sleep on and a crate of food. Then they spread out to all corners of the camp to begin a night of cabin togetherness, story telling and most importantly – roasted marshmallows. Everyone seems a little sleep-deprived, but we all learned a lot in regards to making fires (including how long a process it can be) and attempting to sleep comfortably with no shelter.

One camper, Dana Marks, decided that the fire was more important than the sleeping part. She built the fire for the girls’ tent group and was so proud of her handy work that she kept that same fire burning for 14 hours. Krista, the counselor for the group, remarked that Dana was up with the fire when they went to sleep and was still dancing around the flames when they woke up this morning.

The boys’ tent group decided to do a little something different with their fire. Using the water they were provided at the beginning of the evening, they brewed several different types of herbal teas. I’m not sure where they came across the stuff, but they listed a ton of ingredients. It sounds like a really relaxing way to spend an evening and I’m jealous.

A few days ago, I remarked at Jakeabel’s feat of being able to stuff 15 Froot-Loops in his mouth. That was his personal record, but today at breakfast cabin three decided to challenge him.

Eric Siegle first broke Jake’s record by shoving 24 pieces of cereal in his mouth. Not to be outdone, his counselor Albert blew everyone’s mind by stuffing his face with 50 loops, chewing and swallowing them all with any beverage.

This was only the second most astonishing feat of the day though. During lunch, Noah Hayes made and ate a six-layer peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For such a small guy, Noah took down the six-tiered monster in a short amount of time. It was truly a spectacle to witness.

That just about does it for all the breaking stories from CTT for today. Tonight, we will follow up Survivor Night with Harry Potter Night. I can’t wait to see what activities the planners have in store for us. Maybe some spell casting? Possibly some quidditch? Is there a sorting hat involved?

We are all waiting in anticipation of what should be another in a long string of memorable evenings at CTT.