Superheroes in Skates

It’s hard to beat a Superhero themed skating night. Owen Matthews got the chance to show off his Captain America suit. Ethan Harrison and Spencer Leibow were Supermen. Grayson St. Aubin came as CTT SockMan and Carl Lasker and Brady Osterman went as the Wonder Twins. Best of all (at least from my perspective), I got to be CTT’s greatest superhero, Mark Clark. DaShaun Merrick lost a tooth. Gabe Margolis learned how to skate. Emily Smith went over a dozen times around the rink without falling once. When we weren’t skating, we got to enjoy the snack bar and the arcade games with Irina Bookman and Reese Rosenbloom getting glow-in-the-dark mouthpieces that they love to flaunt. All had a fun time and even those that fell down got right back and up and tried again.

Yesterday, Taryn Dalton won a game of jail. Jasmine Whims made it up the climbing wall blindfolded. DaShaun Merrick learned his first chords on the guitar. Vance Pallone won the choomster contest (for those unaware of food-based contests, the choomster is the biggest chip not consumed at a meal) as well as getting first place in the Frisbee throwing contest. Andrei Hoffman, DaShaun Merrick, Owen Matthews, Hannah Miles, Irina Bookman, and Reese Rosenbloom learned how to play ultimate Frisbee and to throw and catch a Frisbee, with Hannah winning her division of the Frisbee throwing and catching competition.

Tonight, CTT takes another trip up the highway, but this time to Atlantic City. Okay, well not exactly, but it certainly will feel like it as tonight is Atlantic City Night where campers will get their fortunes told by Madam Marie, hope for a royal flush, and roll the dice at the Roulette table. Who’s feelin’ lucky tonight?