Sunday Funday

Sunday, July 26th 2015


Friday, we had Cheesy Skit Night! Each cabin had an entertaining, funny skit to perform. After everyone had gone, Cabin B, Cabin 5, and Boys’ Tents were tied for first place. After the tiebreaker, Cabin B was declared the winner! They hadn’t won anything yet, so they were really excited and proud of themselves!


For Saturday activity, we did Obscure Superhero Day! The camp was divided into four teams. Each team got to choose the superhero they wanted to represent: Red (Red Hot Hotsauces), Blue (Squidkid), Green (The Green Fringemonster of Scotland), and White (Bleach Boy).


After team meetings, they played Flash Dance. Flash Dance is an obstacle course based game. The teams took turns standing on the deck of the Rec Hall. There, they threw wet sponges at the other teams while they complete the obstacle course.  It was timed.


The next activity was Frozen T-Shirt! Each team was given a t-shirt frozen inside a block of ice. The first team to unfreeze and put the t-shirt on a team member won!


Each team divided in two. One half had to make a logo for their superhero. The other half designed a costume!


After dinner, we performed skits. The skits had to be about how our superhero got his/her powers! When every team had gone, the judges announced the winner: Green Team!


We had a social to end the day!


We also got Tryout Weekend kiddos yesterday! They did archery, climbed the rock wall, played tennis, canoed and swam in the lake, and swam in the pool! They all had a blast! Each one hit the target in archery (at least once). They all attempted the rock wall multiple times, and Aaron almost made it to the top! Dwayne, our tennis instructor, taught them how to properly hit the ball over the net. After a few tries, they all had it down! Doing lake activities with them was fun! We paddled around in little canoes. Austin canoed all the way to the other side of the lake and back! At the pool, Brin must have jumped off of the diving board twenty times.


We ended the day with a little campfire. We roasted s’mores with them, and Sam (Cabin 5 counselor) taught them how to skip rocks on the lake. I asked them which activity was their favorite. Brin said that she’d like to do lake activities over again. Austin loved lake activities and climbing. Aaron liked everything so much that he couldn’t decide just one thing he liked the best! Overall, I think they had a really good time here!