Strangers in Funny Costumes

Last night, Camp Tall Timbers rocked Northside Lanes in Winchester.

First, we rolled up in a convoy featuring a bus, a van and two SUVs. When we unloaded, innocent bystanders had to take notice of the huge group of oddly-dressed strangers dressed like characters from popular movies. There was an elephant, some of the population of Whoville, the cast of Monsters, Inc., a cat in a hat and many, many more. And then we went inside.

Suddenly, every line in the joint tripled in size. The poor lady in the concession stand had to weather the unrelenting storm of dozens and dozens of hungry kids and if anyone unaffiliated with CTT wanted to play one of the few video games in the lobby, they were out of luck. And in between turns on the arcade games and standing in line for food, there was some bowling.

Some campers, like John, proved to be pretty adept (he rolled a 93 in his first game). Likewise, some people (like counselor Katie) had trouble finding the pins at all (she had a robust 3 in her first five frames).  Some of us, like Andrew Priest, were streaky. He managed to record a few strikes early but then struggled through to the last few frames. But the good thing about bowling is that it is fun regardless of whether or not you’re an expert.

And we did have a lot of fun. Everything from Caoimhe’s mock enthusiasm at her score of 30 to Parker Nocket rolling a strike from his stomach was just some good, wholesome fun. The counselors and campers both had a great time at the bowling alley, and I’m sure the good times will continue tonight during cabin night.

This is the night when we get to hang with the people we’re closest with here at CTT. Cabin 7 will be having a ping-pong tournament and a homerun derby, Cabin 8 is hiking to the river, girl’s tents is watching a movie in the pavilion and the tent boys will be having a grand ol’ time tubing at the lake. All of the other cabins also have big plans, and I know that none of us can wait for the bell to ring after dinner so we can start having yet another good night here at CTT.