Start A Fire

You gotta love a pajama party. You gotta love bowling. What better way to spend a night than combining the two? To top it all off, half the camp got a campfire!

Last night, half the juniors went bowling for a pajama party. The seniors had a campfire as a fun bonding time for the older campers. After a round of boom-chick-a-boom, we sang camp classics like “Country Roads,” “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” “Last Kiss,” and a new camp song, “Chicken Fried.” Following the song session, we broke out into our last prop skits and the winner was Albert and Rachel’s group who did a spin of the camp skit, “Doctor Doctor,” but replaced the medical scene with baking and it featured cameos by campers playing myself, Albert’s sister Georgia, and the Tummy Monster. The night ended with a telling of the story of the camp monster, Cropsy, and s’mores.

Yesterday was another great day for activities. Jack Clauss, Sam Greenberg, Max Shugerman, and all of Cabin G shot bullseyes. Hailee Williams won a game of jail. Oliver Walke and Aaron Rosenthal beat their last record and got par on the Frisbee golf course. Crawford Hemmis won a driving contest and Mikayla Pettit, Hailey Mostow, and Magan McNeal made it up the climbing wall.

Today, we flip-flop the activities and the seniors have their last hurrah bowling whilst the juniors have one last campfire. Here we go!