Stand On It

These last few days at camp are always special. We break some of the routine with out-of-camp trips and campers get to show the skills they have learned in camp, outside of camp. All of the balancing the challenge course activities did helped many last night at the skating rink. The theme was costumes and they were all gorgeous ranging from a Mister and Missus Tye-Dye to a toga. Of all the great costumes, Stevie Nocket had the best costume dressed as a Red M&M. The night ended with camp-wide dancing in the rink to the “Cha Cha Slide”, “Cupid Shuffle,” “Teach Me How to Dougie,” and “Telephone.”

This time also demonstrates how far campers have come in the camping season. Jack Clauss untangled his own fishing rod and Krista Ross-Black shot a bullseye. Sam Greenberg won a game of jail. All of challenge course has successfully ziplined and mountain boarders now board down hills of over one hundred feet! Additionally, the CTT Ping-Pong tournament is underway and the 3-on-3 Futsal tournament closes shortly.

Just because the fun comes to a close soon, it certainly doesn’t stop. Tonight, the juniors head out to go bowling whilst the seniors have their farewell campfire complete with songs, laughs, and s’mores. Here’s hoping I get a strike!