Spooks, Specters, Pranks and Jesters

Once again, a CTT activity has been interrupted by rude visitors. First there were the Gladiators, then the evil villains. Last night after each team had completed the counselor hunt, a horde of ghosts whooshed in and dragged the whole group of counselors and campers from their activity and off to meet Judge Mookie.

It was the beloved camp tradition known as Ghost Court, and some campers and counselors had to go before the judge and receive punishments! They were hilarious, as usual, and the aftermath of Judge Mookie’s rampage is evident all over the camp today.

The punishments began this morning when the boys in the BV and cabin 3 had to hug each other and sing the ‘I Love You’ song from Barney in front of everyone at breakfast.

Keep in mind this was only the regular BV boys, not the extra ones provided by Judge Mookie. The male CIT 2s, Ethan Ebinger, AJ Roshfeld and Alex Fang, all act like counselors so the Honorable Sir Mook banished them back to the Buffalo Village for the day. They, along with the rest of their fellow tent campers, must carry trash bags around all day and pick up trash because they are very dirty kids.

The young ladies in cabin A were deemed too energetic, and in order to rid them of excess energy they must skip to every activity today. Cabin B got it too, but because they (along with their counselor Julie) are huge fans of Glee, they must sing all of their words during free swims and meals (I, for one, am searching out the Cooper sisters during second free swim).

Also around camp, Georgia Oriol had to make PB&J sandwiches for everyone who wanted one during the first ten minutes of lunch, Alvaro is Harry Potter for the day, Joan and Juan have to hold the door for everyone at each meal today and all of the foreigners have to end every sentence with ‘but I love America’ because they always speak in their native languages.

The day after Ghost Court is great. I wish I could write more, but I have to go pester Alejandra to read me her life story and pelt water balloons at Tyler Maizels and Sydney Alloy. Bye!