Souls Of The Departed

The judge has spoken. Last night, the CITs turned into ghosts and their souls went to the Camp Tall Timbers Ghost Court where they tried campers for crimes that they have committed against CTT, and Judge Flip Flop revealed to them their punishments. Ian Osterman took the stand for thinking he is the ladies’ man (though he is quite adorable) so his punishment was to dress up like a girl. Justin Leibow followed for thinking the weirdest things in life were the coolest, so now he must walk around discussing the finer things in life such as cheese and caviar. Up next was Brady Osterman who always seems to be at the scene of a crime, but never at fault of said crime. Because of this, he must present five reasons at lunch as to why the conflict in the Middle East is his fault. Hayley Sanders took the stand for always spilling her drink at meals forcing her to ask others to pour her drinks for her. She must also drink through a straw at all meals to ensure that she does not spill. Back to the boys’ punishments, Spencer Fields was charged with always sleeping in late so today, he had to attend Dippies and give five reasons as to why Dippies is better than sleeping in. The last individual punishment of the night went to Vance “The Boss” Pallone for being such a gosh-darn cutie-patootie so today, he dons a bear suit and some ratty clothes and now is a hobo and whenever somebody tells Vance that he is cute, he must reply with, “Well, I was…once.”

After the individual punishments, cabins were tried at the Ghost Court. Boys and Girls Tents were charged with being too messy so Boys Tents has to carry toilet paper all day offering to pick up any mess they see whereas Girls Tents must compose a cheerful cleaning song to sing for the entire camp to hear at lunch. Cabin H was obsessed with painting their nails so now they must set up a manicure station at the pavilion and offer a manicure to anyone who would like one (I am so excited!). Cabin 2 was accused of waking up so early (like 6 A.M. early). Since they are up this early, we might as well put them to work so at breakfast, they were handing out spoons, knives, and forks when people arrived.

We have our last full day of activities today. Campers in challenge course are going on the zipline, arts and crafts campers are tie-dyeing their shirts, and CTTFFL is ready to conclude with its Super Bowl. But perhaps most importantly, the musical is tonight! Many campers have been working hard running lines and dancing during their free time to prepare for tonight and I’m sure that it will be a show you do not want to miss. During the intermission of the play, we have our Art Show so the talent of CTT’s artists can be displayed. Let the curtains go up!