Seven Rings

What a weekend here at CTT! Between Clue Night on Friday and Olympic Day on Saturday, there was fun all around!

Friday night was Clue Night where we made the famous board game a reality with counselors dressing up as Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and the rest of the Clue™ gang. Campers went around to various stations set up at camp and complete challenges such as answering trivia questions, blindly shooting a basketball, or eating a piece of candy and guessing what flavor it was without looking at the wrapper. If the challenges were completed, they could guess the question. In the end, it was Mr. Green in the Rec Hall with a choomster (a very large potato chip).

Saturday was a different day. With a late wakeup and sweet breakfast, the camp was in a great mood and ‘courage’-themed services only boosted everyone’s spirits for Olympic Day. The day began with individual events in archery, riflery, climbing, challenge course, and pudding eating. Jared Lampal won the gold medal in pudding eating with an impressive 4.9 seconds and the Mostow siblings won three challenge course games to win medals. Noah Gross won the gold medal in basketball. Sam Hu and Dakota Pettit were particularly impressive winning two medals in archery and climbing. In riflery, Cole Williams won the bronze medal, Jack Whitehill won the silver, and Noah Braman took home the gold!

After individual events, it was time for team competitions in water polo, an obstacle course entitled “The Gauntlet,” a diving competition and a canoe race. There was also a Frisbee golf competition where the team of Noah Gross, Crawford Hemmis, and Simon Rosenthal got the bronze with a score of +8, Oliver Walke and Meier Parr received the silver medal for a score of +5, and Aaron Rosenthal and David Ayers won the gold medal with a score of +4. Oliver Walke was particularly impressive throwing a birdie from over forty yards away.

The day ended with three grand finales: a flag presentation, a relay race, and a synchronized swimming competition. Each team made a flag to demonstrate their spirit. The black team of Anja Schempf, Sam Greenberg, Maia Primerano and Sarah Jewell won the bronze medal for their Batman flag, the blue team of Hailey Mostow, Mikayla Pettit, and Josh McConnell got the silver medal for their Blue Brits flag, and the red team of Autumn Mallon, Tasha Pressler and Shelby Buyalos took home the gold for the Crimson Communists flag. The relay race, the Decathlon, was ten legs that spanned the entire camp starting at the pool with a race to get ten pennies and ending with a sprint up the golf hill where each team waved their flag in excitement to see who would win. Lastly, we had synchronized swimming where the red team got the gold medal for their dance led by Meier Parr to “Evacuate the Dance Floor.” At the end of the day, the red team was the winner and each member got a glittery gold medal and the whole camp had a pool party to cool off after an intense day.

Tonight is one of my favorite skit nights, MTV Night, where each cabin gets a genre of music and has to create a choreographed dance. The nights only get better as the week progresses with the talent show tomorrow and skating and bowling trips on the way!