Seaside CTT

Nobody deals with a thunderstorm better than CTT. Everyone was having a great time on the beach playing in the water and building sandcastles until about an hour into our trip to Cacapon State Park, a storm hit and we were all huddled into a pavilion to wait out the storm. Rather than worry about the thunder or be afraid of lightning, we sang “Singing in the Rain”, “Lion Hunt”, “Last Kiss”, and the signature CTT “Friends” song until we were ready to leave. The thunder made plenty of noise, but we were much louder!

When we got back to camp, we had a cookout and then engaged in cabin competitions in trivia, gaga ball, family feud, and name that tune. The night led to great cabin bonding with Cabin G rallying around Hailey Mostow for her impeccable name that tune abilities and Cabin 4 working together to defeat Cabin 3 in gaga ball. Boys Tents and Girls Tents had fun competing against one another, notably Chet Stein who had a perfect score playing CTT Family Feud. The night also showed some of the hidden talents of some of our campers with Zora Stovall dazzling everyone in trivia and Kyle Foster for knowing more about Disney than anyone else in the camp. Kyle also had a very impressive accomplishment balancing a shoe on his head whilst brushing his teeth.

Today, we start hitting our peaks in activities. Challenge course classes start ziplining, arts and crafts begin tie-dying their plain white shirts and making them glorious, and climbing classes are already conquering the hard side of the wall. Tonight is Clue Night where we turn the whole camp into the classic board game and play. Let’s find out who’s the best detective!