Schmao Schming!

I may have witnessed one of the most humorous things of the season this morning during breakfast.

It began during announcements when Spanky and Adam Gersh theatrically made their way to the front of the mess hall. From the looks on the two counselors faces it was apparent they had a juicy tidbit they were waiting to spring on the campers and admins. As soon as they began to talk, admin Mike froze them.

Soon after, Jason Gersh stood up and made an actual announcement concerning the meeting place of one of his outdoor classes. Then he began to speak of a terrible tragedy, and Mike froze him!

Then counselor Rachel/Medusa stood up and made began to speak of a news story concerning Yao Ming, the center for the Houston Rockets and one of Mike’s heroes. A very distraught looking Mike then quickly froze her.

Before Mike’s freezing spree could continue, Emma froze him! She then unfroze the counselors who spilled the news of Yao Ming’s possible career-ending injury. Mike was near tears when the news was leaked and the campers, counselors and admins broke into a “Schmao Schming” chant.

Elsewhere in camp, there are some more exciting boy’s league competition being played this morning as the Lacksplash Savages and the Twixie Cups duel in hockey and Ultimate Frisbee. The Fighting Trowjans and G-Force will be in action as well as they take the basketball courts for some hoops action.

In other camp league news, the flag football teams took the field yesterday for the third and final regular season games. On field one, the Red Bulls used a long touchdown by Lindsay Heiman and a 25-yard Ian Lever field goal with four seconds remaining to overcome the pesky Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami 10-7. This game came down to the wire and all of the spectators were on the edge of their seats.

On the second field, defending Super Bowl champions Orange Crush dropped another game to the Purple Nurples, tying the Nurps, Bulls and Hippos at the top of the standings with 2-1 records. It will be interesting to see how the seeding for the play-offs turns out, and the participants wait in anticipation as the numbers are fed into a computer… Joking. We will actually play games to decide a winner at CTT.

In Camp Tall Timbers Baseball League, the Red Sox and the Yankees are deadlocked atop the standings due to the Yanks (1-0-1) win over the Blue Jays (0-2) yesterday. Today, the Red Sox (1-0) and the Wildcats (0-0-1) square off with the division lead at stake for the Red Sox. I don’t want to appear biased, but I am wearing a Red Sox jersey and will be playing second base…

There was also a near showdown at the challenge course today when Mike and a group of young ladies were using some of the equipment. A van full of Timber Ridge campers pulled in, and as Mike said, “…saw us and pulled out of there before we had to throw down.”

Tonight the entire camp will head out to a skating rink for an evening of fun on wheels. When this was announced at breakfast the faces of the campers lit up with smiles and the air was filled with cheers. Skating night is a big one at camp, and like most of the campers, I can’t wait to board the bus and pull on some skates.

I am also preparing myself for some pain, but you all should prepare yourselves to hear all about our skating adventure tomorrow as another day dawns at our favorite summer destination.