Say Cheese!

Cheesy Skit night is one of those evening activities that dominates the entire day. Some campers spend all year preparing their skits for cheesy skit night. Nonetheless, campers still participated in their usual activities, using free time and rest hour to prep for their skits. In tennis, Hunter Morrisroe won a game of jail and Sofia Navas Sharry won a game of knock out in archery.

Like MTV night, the cheesy skits were very high quality. Each cabin was assigned a line that had to be included in the skit. Many of the skits mocked the various counselors. Cabin A scored very well with a skit about how Livia Lampal woke up with half a moustache. Cabin 1 worked around the line “fluffy little one” to create a detailed skit about wizards including Gandalf and Merlin. Cabin 2 had the line “why is there a tiger in the bathroom?” and parodied a movie with the counselors as the characters. Simon Rosenthal’s impersonation of Nick was hysterical.  Other notable impressions were Emily Walke attempting a British accent in her impersonation of Sean and Sofia Navas Sharry portraying Fairly Oddparents character Chip Skylark in the Girls Tents skit.

Closing the night was Boys Tents who blew everyone else out of the water en route to a perfect score. With Chet Stein repeatedly saying “mmm that’s some good pudding”, Boys Tents spoofed scenes from Harry Potter, Titanic and Star Wars. Boys Tents won a pool party but the campers have many more opportunities to win fabulous evening activity prizes, starting tonight with Clue.

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