Royals Game Tonight!

Following two soggy days at camp, everyone is outside rejoicing in the sun this morning. But, true to the weather patterns of the summer thus far, there are some dark clouds rolling in. We are all hoping they disappear because tonight is our trip into Winchester to see the Royals in action.

A few of the Royals made it to camp on Wednesday to play a little baseball with the kids and counselors. A lot of the kids got autographs and a few of them made fast friends of the minor leaguers. Everyone in camp is pumped to make the trip and hopefully the fireworks afterwards will not disappoint.

Is there anything more American than sitting with your best friends and watching a minor league baseball game and fireworks the day before our nation’s birthday?

There will be quite a bit of action before we head to the ballpark. Today begins the playoffs of the flag football league. In the first round the Red Bulls, coached by Zach and yours truly, will be taking on Jacqui and Chris’s Purple Nurples. The Nurples are the only team to beat the Bulls this year, but they did just lose to the Orange Crush who in turn lost to the Bulls on the first day of competition.

Speaking of Spanky’s Crush, they will face Twix and the Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami today. The Hippos won the first match-up between these two squads, but this is the play-off. Anything can happen and I’m sure the usually lively and avid fan base will turn out as well.

During breakfast today I noticed something peculiar. Kevin Trow, a counselor who is well over six feet tall and weighs well over two hundred, plays college lacrosse and lifts weights everyday, was carrying a tiny tie-dye teddy bear. It certainly was a strange sight to see such a formidable young man carrying a stuffed animal, but I didn’t say anything because everyone has their quirks.

It became apparent during announcements what the deal was.

After a few announcements, Rummer from the girl’s tents stood and walked to the front of the mess hall with a prepared statement. As it turns out, she had insulted Trow’s smile and he had stolen the bear in retaliation. As she read her statement, she apologized and talked of how his smile resembles that of a Colgate model. Apparently pleased with the formal apology, he flashed his pearly whites for her as he made his way to the front of the room to return the bear. It was a pretty humorous exchange to start what should be a pretty cool day.

Since today does look promising, I think I’m going to get out and enjoy it. Plus, I have to go coach some football. I hope everything is well with you folks, because everything is going smoothly here at Tall Timbers.