Round and Round in the Rink

While we love every second of our time here at CTT, out-of-camp trips are always a special treat. Last night, we went skating at the Winchester Skating and Family Fun Center and the theme was twins. Aaron and Simon Rosenthal utilized their familial ties to be even more twinny than before by wearing the same clothes. Anja Schempf and Janalyn Thurber dressed identically, and while they are not technically twins, Reid Madison and Jared Lampal decided to take their brotherhood to the next level and become twins as well.

After a week of camp, it is great to see how many campers are doing so well. Jared Lampal won a game of jail. Ethan Fannon, Jared Lampal, Meier Parr, Tristan Oldham, Sam Greenberg, Pol Casamada, Kyle Foster, Adam Lampal, Oliver Walke, and Owen Abbey shot cans in riflery. Tasha Pressler, Jill Boylan, Autumn Mallon, and Claire Cozard climbed up the climbing wall. Ethan Fannon, Crawford Hemmis, and all of cabins 1 and 2 ziplined for the first time. Jerome Williams won guitar trivia. Kyle Foster, Scott Sakura, Adam Lampal, Harry Kaplan, and Pablo Heredia drove past the hill in golf and Jerome Williams saved a frog.

Today, Boys Leagues playoffs begin and the CTT Ping-Pong tournament continues with the entire camp competing to see who the true table tennis master is. Our older campers go go-karting today while other campers play Ultimate Frisbee during free swim. Tonight is another special night with our talent show that demonstrates some of the skills and abilities campers have that cannot be shown in normal daily activities. Let’s see who has the best talent!