Rocky Ground

Well some may have fallen, some may have just avoided the rink completely, but everyone had a great time at the 80s Dance Party at the skating rink. Last night, CTT headed out to the Winchester Skating Center with the theme of 80s Dance Party where Jake Abel wore the most neon outfit imaginable and girls’ side had their ponytails off to the side. The night was a lesson in perseverance. Nathan and Shayna Allentoff claimed they could not skate at all and by the end of the night, they made it a whole lap around the rink. Jack Corby fell at least a dozen times, but he eventually got the hang of it and was skating like a pro. Justin Kagen learned how to turn and made it around three times without falling.

Yesterday, CTT unveiled the brand new Frisbee golf course complete with real metal holes. Longtime Frisbee golf champion Michael Balaban won the first game with two under par. Max Penn won a golf hitting contest by hitting the bucket on the other side of the course three times. Ethan Harrison, Justin Kagen, Sydney Alloy, and Mason Corby won games of knockout in archery and shot bullseyes. Speaking of knockout, Kevin Shefferman, a longtime knockout player, won a knockout game in basketball.

Today, Girl Power Hour meets to work on their new chant for girls’ side and Boys Leagues has another two periods of competition. The camp musical is also under way and expected to be one of the best camp productions in a while. Tonight, we celebrate all of the cultures of Camp Tall Timbers with International Night.

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  1. Stefanie Penn
    Stefanie Penn says:

    Alex –

    Great job on the blog! Since letters from Max are few and far between and haven’t seen too many pictures – at least I know he is still at camp and enjoying himself. Have fun.

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